Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl

Yay for the Saints! They outplayed, and outfoxed the Colts, all the way around.

The commercials: The ones that didn't suck outright were uniformly unfunny, violent, and jaw-droppingly misogynistic. A man that goes shopping with his wife/girlfriend has no spine? WTF? Did we time-travel to 1972 or something?

The halftime show: How does a band get so bad they butcher their own music? It would have been more entertaining if Pete Townshend had gone down with a broken hip. A case where time-traveling to 1972 would have been an improvement.

The announcers: Uttered gems such as these-'they've practiced really hard for this game'. Really?! Sentient insight there, fellas. /snerk.

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