Sunday, February 7, 2010


There's a little more green, and a few buds of new life to be found on the trees and shrubs around here, a hint of the Spring to come.

It's been a really cold Winter for these parts, with a lot of rain. But there are other hints of the new season to come. Such as pitchers and catchers reporting in 11 days. And Daylight Saving Time rolls in on March 14th. The change is already noticeable, with daylight creeping in a bit earlier every day and creeping back out a bit later in the afternoon.

Knocking out a few chores here around the house this morning, and we'll be tuning in to the big game tonight. While this is an all-Peyton, all the time time house (SO is a Vol through and through), I can't help but root Geaux Saints!

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