Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sort of a Blur

This weekend has been one. We spent most of Friday evening dragging out all the stuff we'd put aside over the last few months waiting on the annual Methodist Church Town Yard Sale and putting sale stickers on things. In between, we had a nice Pinot Noir and some ribeyes Le Boyfriend grilled for my birthday dinner.

We loaded up the cars yesterday morning and headed for the yard sale site by 6:30 a.m. By ten, we'd sold down pretty good-to the point where I said it wouldn't hurt my feelings to carry off what was left to the Goodwill. Made about a 100 bucks, and I've got my eye on a 9-foot umbrella for the back yard with my share of the proceeds.

After a quick cleanup back at the ranch, we hit the road to N.C. to see two lovely people who were each widowed the same year I was and who connected at one of our get-togethers in Greenville get married. It was sweet, fun, and relaxed, just like the happy couple.

We headed home this morning & stopped in Columbia so Le Boyfriend could treat me to a birthday lunch at The Blue Marlin. If you're ever in the Vista in Columbia, I highly recommend it (get the shrimp and grits and a plate of collards for the table-you won't be sorry).

It's a clear, sunny Sunday afternoon & the Braves are battling it out with the Astros. I'm piled up on my sofa and don't plan to move too far from this spot until bedtime.

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pat said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I spent this great Mothers day weekend cleaning up flood mess and bringing home and unemployed college grauate (son) to live with me! Which will be nice for a while....maybe he learned how to run a shop vac?