Saturday, May 23, 2009

Something You Don't See Every Day

Our across-the-street neighbors are out of town, and I'm tending to their kitty for a few days. So I was locking their door this morning on my way out & heard the clip-clop of hooves along with some whinnying and thought to myself, 'Self, do I hear a horse?'.

But I saw no horse, chalked it up to limited sleep and incipient southern lady heat fried brain craziness and tromped back across the street to my house. A little bit later, I was on the sofa and Le Boyfriend was in the kitchen as we were making out a grocery list and what do I see but...a horse, come down the street, stop at the intersection, look both ways, and take a left. Which apparently didn't suit him, because in just a moment or two he headed back our way.

The neighbors called 911 (and wouldn't you like to hear the recording of that call) and pretty soon , here comes one of our local officers in his patrol car. Which, was he planning on hitting the siren and telling the horsie to 'Pull over buster, right now!'?

Updates will be posted as they come in. Stay tuned.

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pat said...

hmmm...sounds like a twilight zone....