Saturday, October 18, 2008


It's cool here this morning, overcast & still drizzling from the first real cold front of the season. Supposed to fair off later today. All in all, shaping up to be an ideal fall weekend. I have errands to run and since the house refuses to clean itself-selfish bastard-I guess that's on my agenda as well this weekend.

I'm sick of this election, sick of the sound of my own voice talking about it. The constant noise machine that is the Main Stream Media is enough to try Jesus' patience. Is it November 5th yet? No? Damn.

Carolina plays LSU tonight at 8:00 on ESPN, which means I'll last till about half-time before I have to hit the hay (time spent asleep on the couch while 'watching' the game doesn't count).

The weather does call for a pot of something bubbling on the stove, though. Can't say I'm in the mood for vegetable soup quite yet. Maybe some chili with piping hot cornbread baked in the cast iron skillet. Yep, that's the ticket.

I feel better already.


poopie said...

Yep...I'm over this election too. Have been for awhile.

pat said...

yeah me too...I am ready for Top Chef NY