Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Surprisingly

smooth and delightful Shyraz is going down easy as we speak. Lunch was homemade chili with a coconut custard pie for a bite of sweet as a chaser. I've been watching 'Ebbie' with Susan Lucci. I'm a sucker for any kind of remake of 'A Christmas Carol'. I have 'Diva's Christmas Carol' saved on the TiFaux and I'm thinking I'll put that on as soon as the local murder count/weather hallucination finishes up.

I'll be taking my life in my hands tomorrow by heading over to the nearest metropolis with a decent grocery store and a Target--I'm thinking a nice standing rib roast for Christmas dinner (with a notion to cook it on the grill); cat supplies need replenishing as well. Plus I've got a hankering for some chips and salsa at Chilis.

This Christmas is shaping up to be less crappy than last, but it still bites the big one. I miss my friend. I'd give all I have and all I could steal to have him right back there on the computer or piled up on our bed writing a letter.

Here's wishing all the blessings of the season to my friends. Your continued support, encouragement and love mean the world to me.

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Jennifer said...

Right back at you, my friend.

Merry Christmas.