Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A nice soaking

thunderstorm made its way through here last night and dropped temperatures by about ten degrees today as well as perking up the grass and flowers. The rain was welcome and coming as it did at bedtime, it was a nice way to be lulled to a mostly dreamless sleep last night.

We're under a thunderstorm watch right now & I'm hoping another nighttime storm will meander its ole self down this way again tonight. There's something soothing about laying in bed listening to the rain patter against the window.

Braves versus the Twins tonight--shades of '91, the series that broke my heart. Tomorrow I'll make an evening road trip to Charleston to see a widder friend for dinner, then head on back for work Thursday. We've started summer hours, so now till August is three-day weekend time. I predict quite a bit more stuff will be leaving this house for various destinations, including the Salvation Army and the landfill.


poopie said...

Dang. Are those three day weekends paid and all?

RisibleGirl said...

What's this Braves vs. Twins thing you write about? ;)

Sports- ewwwwww

Jennifer said...

I love late night thunderstorms. There's something about them that can just take you away to another place and time.