Thursday, June 28, 2007


The 06-07 school year is over. All my projects are turned in, all but one final report is completed and submitted (the remaining one is not due until August 1st-turning it in now would just be showing off) and I am off until July 16th*.

Next week? Off to Charleston for a real, grown-up party for the 4th. There's an overnighter to Greenville planned for the 14-15 with a few of them wild widders and an overnighter to Hilton Head the first of August.

Oh yeah and on Saturday? A birthday party. For a one-year old. It may be what I'm looking forward to the most--it's a co-workers child and I love her like she was mine. I imagine it's gonna be a real wingding.

*I have to go by on the 10th for one little errand, but other than that, I don't intend to darken the door at work until the 16th.


poopie said...

Don't do anything I wouldn't do, wild thang. Of course...that leaves things wide open ;)

RisibleGirl said...

Yeah, what Poops said... tee hee.