Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What we thought we heard

The other morning I was piled up on my sofa, eating my breakfast with TVland playing (I'm still lost, lost, lost in the mornings without Imus-alas, that's another post). Anyway, a commercial for a snack food came up and I swannee, I heard them say 'Jesus sticks'.

Now, I'm as up for a tasteful, well-done sacriligious joke as the next one, but I gotta say, I believe I have a problem with 'Jesus sticks'.

Turns out they were advertizing Cheezit Cheese Sticks. Which, all right then.

1 comment:

RisibleGirl said...

Know what? that last sentence "Which, all right then"- I can totally hear you saying it- in your voice (glad I know what that sounds like, by the way...)