Saturday, May 26, 2007

I sort of

imploded the original randomsoutherner. Don't ask how. I'm not teknerlogiklee inklind. Case in point: the still-unassembled tabletop charcoal grill here in my front room that I had hoped to cook my Memorial Day t-bone on tomorrow.

But the itch to get back on this blogging thing has been at me for the past week or so and here I am.

My old blog talked a lot about, well, mostly blather. There were some nice posts on there about my life with my late husband. And a few nifty little fiction pieces I wrote. There were three or four folks who found it amusing. Hopefully they'll come back.


poopie said...

*snort* I do so miss me some harpies and Emperor's wife :)

Jennifer said...

You betcha, baby. ;-)