Thursday, March 25, 2010

There Is Nothing Amusing

in the least about people who believe it's acceptable to fax renderings of nooses to congressional offices. That is sick, twisted behavior that has no place in decent society.

What is peripherally amusing is the likelihood these ignoramuses (ignorami?) are doing this from their work fax machines. And that things like this are easily traced through originating phone numbers, etc.

What will be genuinely amusing will be the video of the FBI showing up at Consolidated Amalgamated Inc.* to question/arrest the perpatrator. Hopefully management will have the wherewithal to shove the pink slip into said perp's manacled hands as they are escorted out.

*Actually, the real amusement/schadenfreude will be for the FBI to show up at some city/state/federally funded worksite to 'interview' suspects. Because we all know it's probably some idiot public employee who finds this 'government overreach' the most egregious and does not in the least grasp the concept of cognitive dissonance.

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