Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Things have been a little hairy here at Casa de ZOMG Not Another Grant Deadline!?! In fact, the most recent deadline left me, I'm convinced, with PTSD-I continued to fret, stress, and even dream about the damn thing for days after submitting it. I think I've finally recovered, just in time to begin Stimulus funding reporting. Woo hoo.

Anyhoo, the weather has taken a definite turn towards fall in these parts, with markedly cooler mornings and afternoons that don't leave you feeling as if you're going to melt in your clothes. We left the windows open last night to sleep, and I got up at some point and closed them because I was cold. And considering I'm still having 'my own private summer' (TM Oprah), it had to be pretty chilly.

Spent yesterday with 40 high school Juniors & Seniors visiting one of our finer institutions of higher learning. They were a good group, except for three guys who would.not.stop.texting., whilst intermittently ogling the college girls. I found myself hoping one of them would trip and do a half-gainer faceplant.

Off to start my day. Y'all be good.

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