Saturday, April 11, 2009

The War on Stuff, Chapter 1007

I think I'm winning. It helps to have a helper (Le Boyfriend) who is as committed to decluttering the place as I am. And it helps that he's pretty ruthless about it.

The back room (sort of an added-on den) is quickly becoming less a catchall for everything and more like a decent, usable room. My flat screen is back there now, hooked up to the satellite, along with my comfy, corduroy club chair and a good reading lamp. There are still boxes back there, most destined for the town yard sale the first of May. What doesn't sell is going straight to the ever-welcoming arms of the Salvation Army.

Soon there will be room to consider pretty furniture for storage of out-of-season bedding and the like, such as a nice wardrobe (what your granny would've called a chiffarobe), and maybe another set of bookshelves.


pat said...

good to see you are in the move in is complete?

Phyllis S said...

Pretty much. We're still organizing a bit, and I need to finish packing up my winter clothes and get a few empty storage tubs up into the attic. We're taking a break from it this weekend to watch the Masters.