Monday, July 23, 2007

The week

looks an awful lot like a work week for someone who's supposed to be off in July.

I need to go in today and Thursday (and likely a few hours Friday) to work on a grant proposal that's due on the 30th; I'm off to a workshop tomorrow to refresh my grammar & proofreading skills & have a technical assistance meeting on Wednesday.

I see it as a blessing. If I'm off doing this, then I have a legitimate reason to avoid the housework*. Not that I can't create what I consider to be legitimate reasons anyway--'Ooh, I need to finish this book; Hey, there's a baseball game tonight. You get the picture.

*Although I was right productive with it this weekend: cleaned out two kitchen drawers, switched out the bed linens, scrubbed down the shower and washed the shower curtain & put up a new liner.

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